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There are no doubts that reviews effect ranking factors on the major search engines. Reviews are a very good trust factor to prove the validity of a local business and the quality of service. Not only do reviews lend a helping hand when it comes to ranking factors, but the number of reviews works as “eye candy” to people searching for local businesses.

Now, a little nugget for businesses to pay attention to … when a business has 5 reviews or more listed, the “review stars” a.k.a. “five eye candies” make their way to the listing.

All of this adds up to show that businesses with reviews stand out, and can lead to an increased Click-Through-Rate. When I shop … I shop reviews, my girlfriends shop reviews, and I even caught my dog reading reviews on a local Petsmart.

“A” Team Review Service 

Ok, we know how difficult it is for your customers to leave a good review of your services on the Internet. It can take up to 15 steps and a lot of time poking around to actually find the place to post such a review and to be honest, many times the only reviews that get posted are the bad reviews … a review where someone is so annoyed about something that they will make sure that their angry words are seen and heard.

Action Marketing Team has taken on the “heavy lifting” of getting your good reviews posted to critical Internet sites and directories by coming up with a sure fire system … one that is easy for you the business owner to implement!

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Businesses correctly set up on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
Your customer reviews posted directly to Google and other review sites

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– Do I need a Google Local Business account?
Yes, we set this up for you. We also set up accounts for Yahoo and Bing. We make sure that you’re set up for the right keywords and categories as well as make sure that any available information (including video, photos, and coupons) are available for your potential customers to see.

– How many do I hand out?
Right now we have to limit the amount of reviews submitted to no more than 24 a month to submit into the review sites, so the best plan is to distribute several a week to happy clients. We limit this as we don’t want you to be penalized for having too many reviews submitted too quickly. Even though the search engines know we are an independent service doing this, they have software in place that flags unnatural activity so we make sure that we submit on your behalf in a way that won’t trigger such a flag.

– What if I get a bad review?
Getting a bad review now and then actually can make you seem more “real” than other companies. If you go to Amazon, you will see there are always bad reviews on even the best books, so you know that the reviews are not being “fixed.” If you get a number of bad reviews you obviously need to fix your servicing problems, but one bad review is not going to harm you.

– How many reviews do I need?
You cannot have too many reviews. And the more recent a review is, the better. That’s why you want to add new reviews monthly. Once Google has several of your reviews published, we begin to place reviews on other review sites on a rotation basis. However, it’s best to start with Google. Don’t worry if you have only a handful of reviews, your goal is merely to have more positive reviews than your competitors.

– Why can’t I publish my reviews myself?
You could, but they would lack the independent credibility of a third part review service. Prospects and customers are often leery of reviews posted directly by the business. Honest reviews by real customers are powerfully effective.

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