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Statistics show that only about 10% of customers actually open their email advertising versus a whopping 95% of the text messages they receive … and they usually get opened within minutes. WOW … talk about instant gratification for the small business owner.

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Right now 93% of the US population has a mobile phone that can receive text messages … direct, personal and cost effective, it is the cutting edge way for small businesses to communicate with their customers and BOOST sales!

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Today’s mobile phones offer a smart way for business owners to engage their customers through mobile marketing. There is no doubt that text message marketing is the future of small business marketing. There are 173 billion texts sent per month in the U.S. It is the most cost-effective and simple to use tool since e-mail.

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With millions of mobile phones in use around the world, the potential to communicate with current and future clients is limitless.

The time to start is NOW!

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