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Shameless Promotions


The Action Marketing Team shares with you a “Shameless Promotion” … when the “A” Team takes on an assignment … YOU get results!


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action marketing team ruth shameless promotion

1. Ruth contacted us on May 11th with a request … “Brand my Name” You must perform and find wonderful add-ons with casino virtual argentina here. Never skip your opportunity to be a lot more rich.

2. Contact was made by Skype and we came up with an ACTION plan 

3. The “A” Team got her a domain, server space and started to set up her web page

action marketing team ruth bio shameless promotion

4. Ruth sent us her bio to use for her web site

action marketing team web page ruth


5. The next steps are “TOP SECRET”!

The ACTION Team performed their MAGIC!

Results are as follows

3 days later …

Google.COM in the USA Ruth Van Buren owns spots 1-8

action marketing team denise clarke 1

Google.DE in Germany Ruth Van Buren owns spots 1-11

action marketing team denise clarke 2

Google.AT in Austria Ruth Van Buren owns spots 1-11

action marketing team denise clarke 3

Ruth wanted us to Brand her Name in the USA, Germany and Austria.



Mission Accomplished 4 days later!

 We can do the same for YOU!

Contact us NOW and let’s get started!




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