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Action Marketing Team

Small Business Marketing …

AKA Mom and Pop Marketing

 action marketing team small business marketing

The Action Marketing Team specializes in small brick and mortar businesses … AKA “Mom and Pop” businesses. Small Business Marketing requires that Mom and Pop go “Online” to not only keep up with the competition, but to kick some serious butt as far as beating out the “Big Boys”

You need a web presence, but not just the web page that your nephew made in high school, but a genuine SEO, keyword optimized site that brings YOU targeted traffic to increase your bottom line. A site that is optimized to be viewed on the latest “smart phones” or mobile browser. What about lead capture and data management? How about blogging to keep your customers up to date on your latest sales, products, etc., not only that, but blogging about your business turns YOU into the “trusted professional” that your customers will turn to every time when they really need your product or service … and don’t forget about coupons!

Press releases, article marketing, social media marketing along with joint ventures are all tactics we use to retain your existing customer base, and in addition, add new customers to your business!

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action marketing team small business marketing


The “A” Team will use a mix of online and offline tactics to compliment your particular business. We work closely with you to monitor and split test results. It is crucial to know exactly where your traffic is coming from and where your marketing dollars are best spent.

Action Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Small Business Marketing

1.       Branding your product, business and YOU, the business owner … Clients and customers want to know with whom they are dealing.  Make the world aware of why your particular “widget” is the best.  Name it, spotlight it and customers will search it out, buy it and recommend it to friends

2.       If you have a website, make sure it is updated with the latest material.  Be sure that it is search engine optimized and easy to navigate.  Don’t make your customers work hard to click that “BUY” button … BTW … make it user friendly and easy to load for mobile devices.  The Action Marketing Team can help you with this.

3.       Start a blog.  This is one the most powerful tools in the advertising world today.  You, the business owner, have an expertise that your customers are looking for.  Become their trusted friend by updating your blog at least weekly with news, tips and tricks for your particular products and services.  Give a lot of FREE value on your site and when the customer needs to make a purchase they will come back to you.

4.       Use Social Media to your advantage.  Open a Facebook and twitter account for your business … and use them!  This is main stream marketing!  Customers rely on quick and easy ways to solve their problems … if they can follow along with your businesses current specials minute by minute they are more likely to show up at your front door. Use twitter to tweet out a specials … ie. between 3:00 and 4:00pm widgets are 20% off …and see what happens!

5.       Lead capture … not much to say here, but one of the MOST powerful actions that you as a business owner can take.  Get your customers email address and first name.  Build your list and send out your specials, coupons and latest news.  Make sure that you follow all the anti-spam policies “Can Spam”.  If you are unsure about these you can contact the Action Marketing Team and we’ll be happy to give you the “scoop”

6.       Joint Ventures are the “in” thing.  Find other businesses that you can team up with to the benefit of both of you.  Partnering up allows you to share costs as well as reach customers that might never have come thru your door.

7.       Data Management … YIKES … YOU the business owner must know where, when  and why your traffic/ customers come to you.  What are the percentages of purchases drawn in by print ads, yellow pages, websites, etc?  This is crucial to building your business and increasing your profits.  If no one is looking at your yellow page ad, why do you pay $500 a month for it?  In other words, you need a tracking system in place that can be analyzed.  This is smart small business marketing.

8.       Get out and join and/or speak at local clubs ….  Rotary, Lions, Moose, Elks, whatever … allows you to build relationships with other business and like minded folks.  Club members are more likely to give their business to you because they know and trust you.  In addition, they are more likely to refer clients/customers to you.  How cool is that?

9.       Become a video star!  Have you heard of youTube?  Video’s are not just for crazy people doing crazy things, of course that might sell, too, but a short video spotlighting you, your business or a product has become a very powerful tool in the small business marketing arsenal … and besides … GOOGLE loves videos and ranks them high.  This also includes photo shows and slideshows.

10.   Customer Service and support … by you and your employees is almost always number one on the hit parade of how to retain clients and customers.  What is the VALUE of one customer?  Chances are it is by far cheaper to keep your customer base than reaching out for new ones.  The best of both worlds is to keep your satisfied clients and add to them with super small business marketing tips.

The Action Marketing Team can assist you with all of these ideas and more ….





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