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Action Marketing Team

Video Marketing

Do you need to have learned to gain at the earliest opportunity? Enjoy with the no deposit slots suitable now. There’s lots of money along with enjoyment! Videos in search results are fast visual way to connect with searchers. It is estimated that video search results are over 25% higher in click through rate than normal text search results, providing a greater relevancy for your webpages to searchers.

Video is 50 times more likely to appear in Google page 1 (source: Forrester)
Videos make your pages 41% more visible in search results (source: Aimclear)
Google provides 39% of traffic to online video content (Source: Tubemogal)

It is not just enough to upload a video to youtube and expect to get great results. The key is to optimize your video and optimize it with SEO. Action Marketing Team provides the tools to analyze and optimize video content for maximum reach and performance in search and recommendation engines.

action marketing team video marketing

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